Friday, October 25, 2013

You Could Say...I'm in L.O.V.E.

Life is crazy, happy, awesome, fun, hectic and most of all, GREAT!! I got engaged to my high school best friend, Greg Hawkes on August 6! And now skip to right... we get married in 2 week!!!!!!!!!! I can't describe how happy I am and how happy he makes me! There is seriously nothing better than loving someone and feeling loved back! We will live in Idaho Falls once we return home from a surprise honeymoon! Hopefully I can be better at blogging once the engaged life is over with, but who knows! :)

Oh and did I mention.... I LOVE my ring!!!!!!!! :)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hello Life.

I did it! I officially GRADUATED with my Bachelor's Degree in Communications. It was a great day spent with loving family and friends who supported me through the whole journey!

After graduation I moved back home and pretty much vacationed for the next month. It was so nice to be able to relax, not worry about homework/studying/quizzes/test (oh wait... I won't ever have to worry about that! haha) and just be with family and friends.

I went to St. George for the first time ever. Believe it! Parents took me on a "graduation trip" and he had a great time at Bryce Canyon, Zion's, St. George and Snow Canyon. Utah is beautiful country that's for sure!

A couple weeks after this trip I went to St. George AGAIN (crazy right? Two times in two weeks = awesome!) with my friend Jamie and her mom to watch her sister play in the High School State Softball tournament. We had extra time and so we made a Vegas trip out of it as well! It was my first time going there and truly seeing what "sin city" looked like. Cool place but very different than what I'm use to.

Vacation time was over and I had to get back in the swing of things. I am working at the Box Elder County Fairgrounds for the summer! I did it last summer and I'm doing it again. We are getting two new buildings and so things are really different/crazy this year. It's good to be back on schedule but I sure did love the vacation time!

Monday, April 8, 2013

Is This Really IT?

Is this really my LAST week of college? Am I walking across the stage THIS Friday to get my diploma? This can't be happening at all. Have the past 4 years really gone this fast? Sometimes it seems like a blur but it is all coming to an end... THIS FRIDAY!! Believe it because I'm not sure if I can believe it! To say the least, I'm SO EXCITED for it and for new adventures!!
I know I've said this before, and I'm saying it again because I SERIOUSLY HAVE THE BEST JOB EVERRRRRRRRRRR! I have been blessed beyond means to be able to work at Ask BYUI/Lost and Found/Information Desk/Telephone Operator (yes it's all in one office) for all 8 semesters that I have been here at BYU-Idaho.

The 6 of us who are graduating or leaving for bigger and better plans. All of us have worked here for 3 or more semesters.

To say that I love this job would be an understatement. I have made some of my best friends through this job and wouldn't change my college work experience for anything. I have the best boss's a person could ask for! We even had "Boss Appreciation Day" to celebrate how awesome they are!

Don't get me wrong, we have a lot of busy/crazy days where we run around in the office with our head cut off because we are that busy. But we also have fun at the lost and found sale...and we do the Harlem Shake! :) Here is the LINK if you can't get it to work.

This week will be a lot of "lasts" and a lot of goodbye's. I'm sad to be saying goodbye to some great friends that I have made here. Hopefully we can have a work reunion sometime soon down the road.

Here is to a crazy, busy, fun week of GRADUATING!! Wohoo! :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Ag Hall of Fame

Let's just say, I got my good ol' country roots from this awesome guy that I call GRANDPA!

This Friday, March 22, Grandpa Eliason is getting inducted into the Easter Idaho Ag Hall of Fame!

What a neat honor for my Grandma and Grandpa. They work so hard for what they do and it will be so neat for them to get this award. I also can't wait to see the family this weekend to show our support for this great cowboy of ours who still ropes and rides! Love you Grandpa! :)

Friday, March 8, 2013

College survival 101

Believe it or not... post 2 within 2 weeks! Miracle ---> YES! haha.

Trying to balance everything (school, work, homework, church, social life, FOOD) can be really rough sometimes! Eating junk food is a must because once you get home from a long day on campus (I was on campus for 12 hours yesterday thank you very much) you don't want to make any food! Taking a nap sounds SO much better than fixing something real. This happens more time than not.

I have found the key to surving college! Let me introduce you to the quesidella maker! This is seriously the best thing that any college student could invest in. It's easy, fast and filling.

EASY: putting together the fixin's in the 2 quesdilla shells is SUPER easy peasy!
FAST: it takes 3 minutes for it to cook
FILLING: I can barely finish it. It seriously fills my tummy to the top!

This is the brand that I have and I LOVE IT!! Seriously people!! BUY ONE OF THESE!!!!!!!!!! :)

p.s. 35 days until GRADUATION!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

48 & Counting

It's been far too long since I have last blogged, sorry. Christmas break was so great to be home and around family and friends all the time! I didn't work over the break and I think that was my first time in a long time that I had so much time off of no school or work - I loved it!

January was seriously SO crazy! Being my last semester here at BYU-Idaho and as a Communications Major, we have to complete a Senior Project before we graduate. I decided to plan, organize and carry out the Slam Dunk Contest here on campus. The planning for this started back at Thanksgiving time and finally came to an end on February 1. Let's just say that February has been SO much better than January and that I can finnaly sleep, think, eat or whatever really without thinking about the Slam Dunk Contest.

I designed all of the different advertisements here on campus and all of the advertising paid off! We had around 1,590 people come and watch the event! It went off with a bang and we even had to be evacuated within the first 10 minutes of it because the dang fog set off the fire alarm (I was not a happy camper about it and i'm sure it showed on my face. It's funny to laugh at now but at the moment it was not haha!)


I was able to plan the Slam Dunk Contest with a friend of mine, Stephen Flanders who did this as his Senior Project as well. We were with each other so much during January that we had people asking if we were married to each other - haha NOPE! So now people probably think that we are divorced or something.

We were SO happy to have this done and over with! We had over 180 hours combined to get this thing all planned out. It is SO great to have this over with while everyone else is still working on their project.

A couple of my very best college friends were there to support me that night! It's crazy that I have know them for all four years and we are still the best of friends!

Life is so much better now and I can actually concentrate in my other classes (give or take I am taking archery, racquetball and volleyball!) But in 48 days I will be a college graduate...weird! Exciting, crazy and adventerous times are indeed ahead of me!

If you know of any event planning jobs opening up in Northern Utah....hook a sister up! :)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Hello There!

Yes I'm still alive. Yes I'm still in Rexburg going to school. Yes its been a crazy and busy semester. ONLY ONE MORE LEFT!!!! I have two more weeks of craziness and then three weeks of a much needed vacation ( school!!) Maybe I can be better as posting stuff once this semester ends, don't get you hopes up ;)

If anyone wants to help me with finals, let me know - i'll send you my homework right away!

p.s. if you want a good laugh, go here:
 Until next time,